Nordstrom Sale

It is here!!! The craziness that is the Nordstrom Sale. I have a love/hate relationship with it because I LOVE SALES, but I'm still shopping summer sales ha!!! And I'm not a planner, so planning for fall this early is so out of my normal. BUT..... we are traveling to Iceland in late August, so this year is a bit of an exception. However, I'm still trying to keep my composure, and didn't break the bank. Here are the pieces that made their way to my cart.

Remember, Nordstrom is free shipping, and free returns. If there is something you like, snag it, because these sale items go fast!!! Sometimes they are restocked, but sometimes they aren't. I'm planning on having a huge try on session once these babies come in. I'm sure some things won't go as planned, but thats why I love Nordstrom!!!! 






Jackets and Sweaters



Ok soooo maybe I did a little shopping. But at these great prices, it's hard to pass up!! I'm heading into the store bright and early this morning to try on some things for you guys, so don't miss my insta stories. I'm hoping to snag some accessories and such in store!! Happy shopping!!!


xo Mandy

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