Four LOL.

It was a Sunday (Sundae) to remember. The long awaited LOL party was finally here!! Aniston had been helping me collect things and set up for weeks, and the day had finally come!! Five of Aniston's little friends gathered round along with grandmas, grandpas, aunts, and uncles. And we celebrated our precious girl turning four!! To be completely honest it was a little more overwhelming than I imagined in my mind, but the sweet memories made it worth it. The combination of LOL stimulation, sugar overload, and 6 toddlers in the same room made for a very LOUD party with multiple meltdowns. But let's not choose to focus on that! I want to talk about the sweetness of Ani that I get to see on a daily basis. The little girl who runs into my room every morning around 8 am to cuddle, and usually ends up falling back to sleep till 9 or 930. I am lucky to run my own business, so that I can stay in bed and work while I watch her sleep. This will always be one of my favorite times. 

Aniton,  you have 100s of LOL dolls. Almost the entire collection, and you know every single one by name, what accessories they go with, and which bottle belongs to who. When you play with your dolls you get so intense in conversation that you have to stand up and jump up and down. You tell me I'm the goodest mommy, and that you want to snuggle with me always. You say I'm your favorite, but that changes when mamaw is around, or when daddy tickles your back. You only eat hot dogs, bacon, square cheese, black olives, Mcdonalds, red and yellow apples (NOT green), french fries, yogurt, and about any kind of starchy chip or cracker. You have cost me a fortune in half eaten starbucks cookies, but I wouldn't trade our coffee dates for the world. You are my sidekick, we go everywhere together. Right now you are even clingier than usual because you are afraid you will see a bug. You are terrified of ants, flies, and spiders. This summer you showed so much bravery riding all the roller coasters at Disney World, aka your favorite place on earth. You have already declared to everyone that we are going back again soon, and this time we are bringing Mamaw and Papaw. 

Baby girl, you light up our lives. You have truly changed our family for the better. Sure you add some drama, and a whole lotta sass, but you also add lace, frills, and gentle kisses. And PINK!!! So much pink! You love your "Co-ey" and he comforts you. Kempton is your bud, he plays with you and looks out for you. Daddy can't say no, and has definitely tapped into his softer side. Mommy is just dreaming up all the trouble we will get ourselves into as best girlfriends for life!!! I hope you loved your party, and it's one you'll always remember, because mommy sure had fun making all your LOL dreams come true!!!


Pictures by Sarah Steele, Cake and Cupcakes- Sweets n Treats 317, Cookies- Cute as a Button, Outfit- A Little Ladies Boutique