Makeup Guru's Whiteout Party


What a year it has been!!! My SeneGence team absolutely exploded, probably one of the biggest reasons my blog took the back burner. But what an incredibly fun year, a year of meeting some of my new BEST FRIENDS, and traveling all over the world to meet them!!! I give you this short intro only to explain WHY we threw such a big shindig at the end of the year. A monumental year where we did over 8 million dollars in group sales as a team!! <mind blown>  In case you didn't know, that's a whole lotta makeup and skincare. On April 26, 2018 we got to celebrate it all. All the small successes that led to big successes. All the boss babes who sacrificed things to make their dreams come true. We got to party Makeup Guru style, and wear our dominon color (white) proud!!! 

Enjoy all the details of the Opal Dominon Whiteout Party at the historic Mayo Hotel penthouse bar in downtown Tulsa, Ok. 


We passed out awards, sipped on our signature cocktail, and danced the night away. The best surprise of all was the flash mob that they girls prepared for me!! Ahhhh never in my wildest dreams, ok maybe in my wildest, but still!!! I think I'm still on a high from this epic party! 

Special thanks to the Mayo hotel for all the special accommodations, Kelly from @sweetsntreats317 for all the amazing goodies!! Those cookies though!! Crystal Keyes (@lipgirlcrystal) for the amazing photos, Trisha-Rose Elegino for coordinating the dance, my Crown Princesses for leading your teams and making this girl feel extra loved Vanessa Alojipan, Bonnie Alojipan, Faye Hanoian, Heather Anderson, Stephanie Mathes, Sarah Steele, and of course my entire team of boss babes, the Makeup Gurus of 2018!!!!! We are a so much more than a team, we are a family!!!!

Mandy Odle