A Girly Shower

They pulled into my driveway late Saturday night with a trunk full of pink goodies. My smile couldn't of been any bigger. One because my best girl friends were in town, and two because we were getting ready to celebrate my baby GIRL!! Yes I get to say it, GIRL!!  Now I love my boys, and I'm so glad that I get to be a mommy to not only one but two of them, but the blue thing is getting a bit old hat. When my best friend Erin said she wanted to throw me a shower I had no idea how exciting it would be for me. Up until that day I couldn't really visualize it. Yes I was pregnant with a baby, but it wasn't until all the pink starting overflowing from their car into my dining room that I really felt the joy of what is coming. Needless to say I was overwhelmed by the love and generosity of all my friends who gathered to make it such a special day for me, and I hope I get to repay the favor in some way to many of you in the near future!! Here is a glimpse at our day. 34215

Cake- Classic Cakes in Carmel, Cupcakes- Pink Elephant, Baby clothes- Egg by Susan Lazar, A Mother's Love Print- Kelli Murray