Kempton's Room Tour

0001-5320126 On August 1st we will have officially been moved into our new home for one year. When I look back to all of the projects we've completed in just that short period of time I am amazed, and exhausted! The project I dreamed about and planned out the most was the kids' rooms. Although nothing ever seems quite "finished" here is a peek at Mr. Kempton's nursery. >> I say nursery because when we moved in he was still in a crib. We have since changed it to a toddler bed (at 18 mo. which I was totally not ready for), and once we get his big boy bed some of the decorations will change in his room. But that's another post for another time. Mostly everything in his room is DIY and I have a tutorial for the wall right here. Anything else is tagged at the end. Enjoy!  0002-53201260003-53201260004-53201260005-5320126

So the funny thing about this Squidward stuffed animal is he randomly got it at the store that our aunt Susan works at and he won't let it leave his sight. It's kind of an odd thing, but hey the colors match so I'm just going with it :) Also not pictured are his multiple "special" blankies. He carries so many around and has to sleep with all of them (the grey little giraffe blanket is his favorite.) Daddy started this bedtime routine that when we tuck him in we have to count each special blanket as it is laid on top of him. He now insists that we count all the animals in his bed too. He is just too precious, and it is such a special memory I won't soon forget!

Here are some of the items I'm still wanting to add to his room....


Wall decals >> Walls by Mur

Black crocheted blanket >> JJmotown

Curly bear >> Build a bear (a tradition we do for all of our kids with their heart beat inside and a special message from mommy and daddy)

Lion Stuffed animal >> Jellycat

Triangle blanket >> Little Hip Squeaks (similar)

Geometric grey pillow >> West Elm (similar)

Animal pillow >> Ikea (no longer available)

Crib skirt >> Dwell Studio (no longer available)

Crib >> Pottery Barn

Pyramid Lamp >> Crate and Barrel (no longer available)

Moccasins >> Freshly Picked

Sheep skin >> Ikea

Felt balls >> Hello Maypole

Large white light >> Ikea