My Blanqi Style

You've heard me say in posts before that I'm not a huge fan of maternity clothes. I don't like how over priced and oddly styled they are. I feel like a lot of maternity pieces scream "I'm just a big ole pregnant lady don't mind me!"  I find that I can style most non maternity clothes better with the exception to a few key pieces. This bumped by Blanqi belly support tank is definitely one of those pieces. There is just nothing else like it!!


The Blanqi bodystyler has been a staple in my wardrobe since the day it came in the mail. This stylish support tank is not only fully lined and full coverage, but it supports your belly and back to alleviate any pain. I swear it feels like someone is holding your belly up for you!! I love it for my long days at work because it's breathable mositure-wicking fabric keeps me cool and dry. It's just such an easy piece to throw on and go. 

3 I even wear my Blanqi bodystyler on date nights. The material of the tank is fabulous and perfectly structured. Think better than a lululemon tank top!! It's great for layering or even by itself. The fabric is totally opaque and creates a beautifully smooth silhouette. Also the long length of the top takes the place of any bulky belly band allowing you to wear all of your favorite pants for longer.  Hooray!!

Untitled design (2) Here are some silly mirror selfies to show you just how long the tank really is. The girls behind this awesome design (Valerie and Sabina) are true geniuses. They have successfully created a stylish piece of performance wear that I will continue to wear post baby. This top truly is the perfect start to any outfit, and I'm proud to be a Blanqi girl!! Check them out on Instagram @blanqigirls and hash tag your photos #BLANQIlife and #makemoments


* A true testament to the greatness of this tank is the fact that I am 38-39 weeks pregnant in these pictures and I am still feeling full support. Also I would not normally have the confidence to wear something white and tight  this far along, but I love how it smoothes out my belly and really shows the beauty of pregnancy.