I have a daughter. pinch me.

10922755_836934740703_4772377572231725904_n 10492150_834524346153_985563326102425206_n If you can't tell I'm fully enjoying having a girl!! Although we don't wear pink everyday, I love having pink as an option! It was exactly one year ago that I found out I would get to be a little girl mommy, and it's a day I never want to forget. I had pictured the moment in my mind over and over. Every time I thought about hearing those words "It's a girl" I couldn't help but cry. It has definitely always been a dream of mine. Not that I don't LOVE my little boys (they are such a blessing in so many ways) but I've always longed for that female bond. I talked to God about it a lot. I prayed for a daughter. I know that may sound weird, but I had honest conversations with God.  He ultimately knows all the desires of my heart, so why would I lie in my prayers. I also prayed that if I was not meant to have a girl that He would comfort me and fill that longing in other ways. I totally trusted in His plan for my life, and went into the ultrasound with such a peaceful heart. It was Valentine's day and Brooks was very sick. Our lunch date and ultrasound turned into taking him to urgent care and Panera in bed. He still wanted to go with me to the ultrasound but I wanted him to stay and rest. As I was walking out the door I heard him hobble down the stairs and say that he just couldn't miss it. He knew how big of a moment this was for me and our family and he really wanted to be a part of it. Looking back Brooks being sick was all part of the plan.  Instead of being super nervous while the technician moved all around my belly all I could think about was my sick husband sitting by my side trying to hold in coughs, sweating and breaking a fever. I went into mom mode. I wanted to baby him and take care of him. It was taking the technician an awkwardly long time and she finally had me get up and drink some juice. Later she told me that she thought she saw the three lines earlier but needed to be sure. When she said those three words I was longing to hear, "it's a girl", we both just stared blankly. Maybe we were in shock. I definitely didn't respond the way I thought I would. She actually looked at me and said "are you happy?" Hahahaha YES!!!! I'm so happy I can't even express it. I felt exactly how I felt on my wedding day. So many emotions that I was emotionless. Does that make sense? Like I want to laugh, cry, jump up and down all at the same time.

Anyways I can't count the number of times over the next few weeks that it would just hit me and I would start to cry. I'm going to have a girl. My life is going to change so much. We won't have an all boy house anymore. I feel like I won the lottery! Now that she is here I still pinch myself. I dreamed of her as a child. She is so much better than I could of ever even imagined. I'll report back to you when we are in the junior high stage, but for now it's purse bliss.

Here is a video I made last year as an ode to our little princess.