10968462_834195500163_840869174098510730_n How are you already three? I mean I look at you and yes you look like a three year old and you talk like a three year old, but how did three years pass so fast.  Just 6 months ago you were still my baby. I'm thankful that you still snuggle up and let me hold you like a baby. When we brought you home from the hospital daddy could hold you in one hand. You were so tiny, yet so mighty. That is still your M.O. You are the skinniest little thing but you hold your own around here.1 2


Now that you are getting a little older you are starting to form a bond with your big brother. 80% of the time you are getting on each other's nerves, but that sweet sweet 20% makes your mama's heart flutter. I often thank God for knowing just what our family needed when He brought us you. A second little boy. The middle child. Your personality is priceless. You have such a genuine heart and loving spirit. Everything is your "favorite" or so "goodies".  Lots of times when you see that your mommy is starting to get frustrated you take my hand and say "love you mommy".  Your positive outlook on life is contagious.


I love that God made you such a cheerleader for our family. He knew exactly what unique traits you would need to be the middle child in our crazy bunch.  Mostly any new thing you try you master quickly. Things just seem effortlessly easy to you and you aren't afraid to fail. You are up for any adventure and those conversations go a little like this... Kemp- "mommy what's that a picture of?" Me- "a mountain"  Kemp- "ooh I want to go there, lets go mommy. Let's go climb it. It's my favorite".  Or Kemp- "mommy where did Milton our elf go?" Me- "He's in the North Pole with Santa Claus" Kemp-  "Let's go there."  Me- "Honey it's really far and really cold."  Kemp- "Oh it's really far? I want to go, let's go tell daddy we'll see him after dinner. We're going to the North Pole yay!!"

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You're our little goldie locks sandwiched in between two brownies. We call you mega watt from time to time. We also call you Kemp daddy, the daddy, kemp daddy all day (um yeah really different nick names!! Ask your daddy about those some day :) Mommy calls you nugget and you so sweetly answer to all of the crazy things we call you even when we fumble around and call you Cohen.


You are still attached to your grey blankie and now have two babies that you carry around.  Monkey Patch (a cabbage patch monkey baby that you originally named monkey charm and then changed it to monkey patch), and baby Charlie, who you also named on your own. When you nap you still ask for a sippy of milk, your blankie and babies, the star turned on (baby music that you stole from your sister), and your fan turned on. You nap only a couple times a week now because on the days you nap you have the hardest time sleeping at night. Sometimes you lay in your bed past midnight reading books. But it's so sweet cause you know not to get out of your bed even though you have been in there since 8 p.m. On the rare occasion that you try and sneak out we catch you peek around the corner and then toss your blankies across the hall to Cohen's room, then quickly scamper across (insert diaper noise).  It's the cutest thing ever! And when daddy says "Keeeeemp get back in bed," you say "Oh Man!" and run right back.

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Some of the cute things you say....

* You call knives sharks

* You ask a question and then say did you say yes? You said yes? Oh thank you mommy!

* (Talking about food) Yeah I like that. It's my favorite. It's goodies. (slurp noise)

* You point out every basketball hoop that you see and ask to go shoot.

* You think daddy can fix everything... " haf a fix it daddy"

I'm going to continue adding to this list as the year goes on! We love you Mr. Kemp!!!


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