Bumpdate- 28 weeks


Pregnancy still amazes me. The things that take place inside the belly are incredible. To think a human baby is living inside of me. I love feeling her move around, do flips, and get the hiccups. I love having her with me everywhere I go safe inside my belly. Theconnection Ialready share with this tiny being almost brings me to tears each time I think about it. Oh and did I mention I still get butterflies every time I get to say "her" or "she"?!? 10169258_761887276423_7455819003796155360_n

What I do not care too much for is the shortness of breath I am experiencing. I got this way with Kempton at around 32 weeks or so. It almost gives me mild anxiety because I feel like at any moment I will not be able to catch my breath. When there is too much activity going on around me, or I'm asked to repeat myself multiple times, or the house is too noisy I almost feel as if I could pass out. I've had to go lay down in the middle of lunch because eating was too much!

The jabs and kicks I get from this little princess are so high up into my rib cage. I am definitely carrying her higher than any of my other babies, which my doctor says may of been whyI wasn't as sick, but holy smokes breathing is hard! I am still able to do yoga, but have really cut back on my running. Rule of thumb for a prenatal exercise is at any point you should be able to stop and speak two sentences clearly. Other than the breathing I really can't complain as I've had no late night leg cramps, heartburn, or nauseousness (knock on wood).


One thing I'm really trying to do this pregnancy (partly because I'm not working this time and partly because It's my last pregnancy)  is take time to rest and pamper myself. I have been very blessed this time around to be able to stay home and spend some special one on one time with little Kempton before sister arrives. During my pregnancies with both boys I was so crazy sick, and so crazy busy. I laugh when I think of the ridiculous things I had to do as a full time working mommy. When you're in the midst of it you just do what you have to do!! On my late nights I used to use my dinner break to go pick Cohen up from school, meet Brooks who was just getting off work to make the switch, and head back to work till 9. Whew makes me tired just thinking about it. Anyways I am thankful to have the opportunity to take it easy this time.

A little thing I like to do during naptime (if I'm not napping as well) is take a long bubble bath, use my clarisonic cleansing brush on my face and belly, and then finish with coconut oil all over! My skin has never felt so smooth! I've even been using it on my face and hair.  If you haven't tried it Trader Joes has a whole jar for only $5.99.10308754_761891702553_7660396680953235651_n

28 weeks

How far along: Technically 27 weeks and 5 days

Baby is the size of a: large eggplant

Maternity clothes: With the exception of my Easter dress nope. Most of my jeans and pants still fit me because my belly is so high. Also thank goodness for jeggings!


Sleep: I'm getting great sleep. No issues here.

Exercise: Still doing Yoga on tuesdays and running on the elliptical twice a week. Now that it is finally warmer out we go on a family bike ride almost every night!

Movement: She moves a lot now! Daddy and Cohen have both gotten to feel her be-boppin about in there.

Any Cravings: ICE! Cohen has these lego ice trays that make the perfect blocks and I make a tray full just to sit down and eat them like candy later.

Miss anything: Running! Tight shirts tucked into skirts. Wearing high heels for more than an hour. Being able to paint my toes with ease. Being able to do a full chaturanga.

Anything make you queasy or sick: No not really.

Labor signs: A few small contractions here and there.



Wedding ring on or off: on

Happy or moody: Happy except when I feel rushed. I have noticed I get grumpy when too much is going on and I fear I may get short of breath.

Looking forward to: shopping for baby in Michigan, finishing the nursery, and my baby shower.

Best moment of the week: Discussing names with Daddy and finally feeling pretty confident on one :)


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