It's spring in my makeup bag!


I've said it before and I'll say it again. One of the best mood boosters during this never ending winter is to think spring (as much as possible) in your wardrobe and makeup choices. If you step foot into any department store winter is gone and spring has sprung!  A majority of the shoppers I see in the stores are grinning from ear to ear as they fill their bags with bright colors and floral prints. Needless to say we are ready for warmer climates, and no more snow! Here's a little heads up on which cosmetic items you should be on the look out for. c9ff62ab-bdb7-4985-a5a1-b54fe23a3643covers-Y0027825 covers_sku-Y0027825-F042782254_7553025

One of the most consistent trends I am seeing for the coming season is shades of coral and orange for the lips and cheeks. Each cosmetic line is putting their spin on an orange lip so you should be able to find something that suits you. For example some will go for the extra bold Timanfya from Nars while others will step out of their comfort zone with a coral from Dior or a peachy nude from YSL. (The YSL product is a glossy stain! It's so amazing you must try it. They just launched a bunch of new colors so go check em' out) Also don't forget to check your local drug stores for the new L'oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire glosses. Orange Tempo blows my mind!

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When it comes to eye shadows my go to brand is usually Nars. I just love the pigment their brand offers for the price. I find myself pairing a light golden eye with the standout orange lips so I've rounded up some of my favorites. Nars came out with a new duo for spring called Kauai. This duo pairs a beautiful light gold with a truly unique purple. The purple is less intense than it looks and definitely adds the perfect amount of contrast to this look. I start with a light gold on the lid, a neutral beige in the crease, and the purple to contour.  I am also loving the limited edition illusion D'ombre creme shadow from Chanel in shade 90 convoitise. It's a cream shadow that is very long wearing and does not settle into creases. I love this gold shade and hope it stays around longer than just the spring season. Also M.A.C. is walking a little on the wild side this spring, but I'm loving some of their gold tones. There is the mineral quad in shade Meadow or the loose pigment in Lily White.


Another great option to keep in mind are these neutral artist pallets. More and more lines are coming out with their own and they are always a great price for the amount of shadows you get. These are my three favorite so far. Narsissit pallet for $79, Urban Decay Naked 2 pallet for $52, and M.A.C. x15 warm neutral or cool neutral pallets for $100. Also for a cheaper option check out e.l.f. cosmetics sold at Target stores. A lot of their shadows are very close dupes to Nars colors.

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As much fun as it is to add some new colors to our makeup bag we CANNOT skip the skincare. Spring is a time when our skin starts to make a change from dry and flakey to more plump and supple. Bring on the vitamin D! Two things I'm a really big fan of during this transition are exfoliators and oils. Dead skin tends to cling to our face like glue and can hang around way longer than necessary. Leaving dead skin on the surface does not let our cells  produce healthy new ones. All you need is a good exfoliator to the rescue.  I've searched high and low for a good replacement to my old Dior favorite and am happy to report that the Nars double refining exfoliator does not disappoint. The small beads are perfectly round to prevent ripping or tearing of the skin, it's paraben free, and it's light reflecting complex brightens the skin. Read more about it here! Once our faces are free from the old dead skin cells our new ones will need some support. This is where face creams and specifically oils come in. When the weather is still quite dry I like to use treatment oils on my face. I feel that,more than creams, oils replenish my skin and bring it back to life. I am by no means an expert on these, as I've only starting using them in the past two years, but I've absolutely loved the results! One's I've tried and loved include Fresh Seaberry moisturizing face oil, Kate Somerville Dilo Oil Restorative Treatment, Origins Plantscription Youth-Renewing Face Oil, and Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil. Most of these brands can be found at Sephora and there is plenty of great info on their website. My best advise is do your homework first because they can be an small investment. But hey, keeping your skin (the largest organ in your body) healthy is worth an investment right?!

Here's to hoping spring comes quickly. In the meantime shop around for some of these great springtime products so you'll be ready!!