DIY colored glass bottles


I'm craving pastels. I'm craving florals. I'm craving spring!!! Since the weather isn't cooperating I decided to do a springy home project. First I gathered up all my clear glass vases, jars, and bottles and picked which sizes and shapes I wanted to use. (I buy fun stuff like this at goodwill and save them for spontaneous projects). Then I got out my paints and decided on a color scheme. IMG_2314 I chose shades of blue and minty greens. Also note that I used two different kinds of paint, these acrylic Plaid paints and indoor latex paint (left over from painting my bedroom).  I liked the acrylic paints so much better. I'll explain why down further.


Then all you do is squirt the paint in the jar and swirl it around till all areas are coated with paint. You could even mix colors to give it a marbled look if you wanted. The sky is the limit!!


The reason I liked the acrylic craft paints the best is because for small vases its so much easier, and less messy, to squirt the paint in small amounts into your glass object. With my gallon of latex I had to use a funnel and it got all over the place!! Anyways just keep swirling to your desired look. I ended up taking a small paint brush and helping the paint along in some areas.


Look how pretty, and expensive they look now! This project is so easy, and you can't mess it up. Another idea I had was to spray paint the outside with a frosted spray paint. Walmart sells a clear frosted rust oleum spray paint, and I love it for so many reasons!!!


Image via A beautiful mess blog.


Then I just went to Michaels and purchases some spring flowers and wah la!I love the way they turned out!! Such a great addition to my mantel. Here is the blog that first gave me the idea.

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Oh and I just noticed I'm missing a few hedge apples (fake from crate and barrel). My kids think they are balls....grrr I'm going to have to go hunt those down now. Happy crafting!