Endurance. Get ya some


You will never hear me call myself an athlete. Although I do enjoy running, and any sport that involves a board comes semi natural to me, I am the farthest thing from athletic. I have balance and coordination, but the major thing I lack that sets me apart from a true athlete is endurance... I am no different than the rest of you. A girl with a busy schedule who longs to be healthy and fit. What I have found to work best for myself is setting attainable goals and not comparing my body to anyone else's body. Focusing on the progress that I see in myself, and the way a good routine makes me feel.  Another thing that keeps me at it is getting my kids involved.  I love when they see Brooks and I being active, and even better when they join in.  My girlfriend Meg who lives with her husband and three littles (all under 3) in NYC writes over here and has great tips on being a mom and staying fit. In fact she has written up four completely different workouts to cover each type of work style.  They are all completely doable and not time consuming. So no excuses right?! Ok I need constant motivation from others (lack of endurance remember) so this is me motivating you!! So here ya go. Try em out and let me know what you think!! Also go check out Meg's page. I promise you will be inspired!


Four Best Workouts For The Time Crunched Mom


For the Runner


The Out and Back – 2 Ways

Way 1.  Choose your favorite street/path and commit to running to a certain point (ie: that KILLER house you dream about living in).  As soon as you begin your run, start your timer.  When you get to your destination make note of how long it took you to run there.  Take a couple of deep breaths.  Start your watch again and GO – but this time, make your BACK faster than your OUT.  


Way 2.  Choose a favorite route that you know well.  Start running and run until your watch/timer tells you 15 minutes (you can +/- time as needed depending upon your running level or time crunch!).  Without stopping, turn around and run back to where you began.  Again, make your BACK faster than your OUT.


*Can be done with a baby jogger if needed – OUCH!


For the Cardio Queen


The Bleacher Creature

Drive (or jog if close by) to your local high school football stadium.  To warm up, jog one loop around the track.  Starting this workout at the base of the bleachers, run the stairs four times in a row without stopping.  You want your heart to beat out of your chest.  Skip steps going up to really work your butt and thighs.  Pump your arms to give you more momentum.  Rest after you complete four.  Repeat 4-5 times.


*Bring sidewalk chalk or squirt guns for your kid(s) while you go!


For the Yogi


Vinyasa Flow However the Heck You Like

You may not have time to go to a yoga studio or gym every day for a 60-90 minute class, but with some pretty basic knowledge you can do it in your own living room. Roll out your mat and flow! (On hot summer days take it outside – with sunscreen – and really sweat).

Beginning – 5 sun salutations

Middle – Side-Angle Pose/Triangle Pose/Lunges/Side Planks/Tree Pose/Crow/etc

End – Back Bends (Bridge, Wheel, Camel), Pigeon Pose, Twists (on your back)


For the Body Builder


Weights or Soup Cans – Same Diff!

You can use free weights (especially if you’re at the gym) or even soup cans! To get some tone in those arms, begin with:

-Basic Curls (10).


-Tricep Dips (10).


Grab your weights again, extend arms out to your sides (elbows locked) and hold for 30 seconds (pulsing last 10 seconds).  Now extend your arms in front (elbows completely locked) and hold for 30 seconds (pulsing last 10 seconds).


-Forearm Plank (1 minute hold).



Repeat this series one or two more times.




Meg and her sisters running the 2009 Paris Marathon