Summer fashion finds

Each season I tend to have a running list of things I’m on the hunt for. Things that will make up a capsule wardrobe for that season. Items I will literally wear on repeat. For the first time in a long time, I got my stuff together so that I could share my list with all of you!! Below are my summer must have pieces, with both high and low options.

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 7.53.04 AM.png

A fun white dress

Summer booties

Band tee or tees (live in these)

Biker shorts (I’m cracking up writing this, but I do wear mine a lot)

Fashion tennis shoes. Golden Goose, Golden Goose knock offs, nikes

Rancher hat

Fringy designer bag (or not designer you choose, but if you spend a little more here, then your other wardrobe pieces can be less spendy) I bought my bag off of Mercari and took it to my local leather shop to add fringe. You can also buy it already made here.

Layered jewelry (with seashells!)

Cut offs (duh! I’ve found some mom butt appropriate ones)

Anything and everything lucite or clear.

Tassel earrings