Trendy, comfy, holiday look

The holiday season is upon us. This makes me so happy, but also a tiny bit (ok more than a tiny bit) stressed. What to wear, what to cook, what gifts to buy, what parties to attend, and how to maintain my busy life in the midst of all these things. While I can’t help you in the kitchen, I kiss better than I cook, I can help you in the other areas starting with this outfit. 

Metallics are so hot, but mix it with velvet and suede and you’ll have a dynamite look. I love this outfit for so many reasons. It’s trendy, it’s dressy, but most of all it’s comfy. I fully intend on indulging in some wonderful homemade food this coming Thursday so this oversized swe ater will be just perfect. Pair it with jeans and boots for a more casual look. Either way you can’t go wrong. 

So here’s to enjoying the season with on point outfits and expandable waistbands!! 




Mandy OdleComment