Hot or Not ~ fall '16

** disclaimer** Just my opinions on styles you should snag and trends that have gone stale. As always I recommend only splurging on trends you LOVE, or the ones you know are hanging around for a while. Test the waters with some quality knock off pieces first and gradually work in designer pieces. For example denim- splurge, Sunnies- save. Nordstrom is always a great place for all price ranges! Button front skirts - HOT

Denim leggings- not.

I'm not taking about the ever popular, super soft, almost real denim jeggings. More those elastic waist pull up denim fakers.

Oversized tops- HOT.                                            

Raid your man's closet!

Sew on patches - HOT.

Especially on those oversized tops.

Denim with fringe- HOT.                                                                                                                    

Give me all the fringe!

Cotton maxi skirts- not

Tribal print- not.

Easy on the printed cardis and ponchos people.

Chokers- HOT.                                                                                                                                        

Try built in chokers for even more glam look.

Excessive ruffles- HOT

Cropped jackets- not.

Cropped jackets cut women off at the worst part on their body. Especially if not worn with something high waisted.

Rounded toe pumps- not

Cornrows- HOT

Cropped wide leg pants- HOT

Top knots - not

Now I'm not saying don't ever put your hair in a top knot, but these days le top knot has become more of a lazy sweatpant style, and overall less chic.

Cheap faux leather - not

I'm all about vegan leather, but make sure you are getting good quality. Nothing is worse that a bomber jacket with cracked leather or glossy film.

Dusty pink- HOT.                                                                                                                          

Threads, shoes, bags, and lips. Just can't get enough!

Peep toe booties- HOT

Black blazers- not

Unless you are a business professional this should not be in your wardrobe. And by all means please avoid animal print and blazers.

Cork wedges- not

Bleached ends- not.

Instead go for a more natural sombre (soft ombré) look.

 All photos from Pinterest

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