Fitness and diet

Hey guys! One thing I get asked a lot about is my diet and workout routine. So I'm writing it all out for you to refer back to. Now I have to say I work at it pretty hard. I'm not one of those "it just comes naturally" types. But my routine definitely produces results so it keeps me going.    My fitness schedule.

Monday- row for 5 min. Arms for 15 min. 3 sets of 10 push ups. Abs for 10 min. Run for 30 min. 

BBG at night.  Tuesday- strength yoga for 60 min. Run 3 miles.

BBG at night Wednesday- row for 5 min. Back muscles and triceps for 20 min. Burpees 3 sets of 10. Abs for 5. Run for 30 min.  Thursday- row for 5 min. Legs (squats, leg press, inner and outer thighs) for 15 min. Abs for 10 min. Run for 30 min.

BBG at night Friday- sculpt class for 50 min. Run one very fast mile.  Saturday- BBG and usually a long run outdoors or a bike ride. 

  That may seem like a lot, but I mean I'm willing to do anything for an hour break from my kids ha! Plus it works! 


So this is what I try and stick to. No carbs except carbs from fruit or veggies. Lots of protein, eggs, meat, nuts. No sweets except maybe a bite of someone's. I don't want to totally make life suck ha! No artificial sweeteners. No soda. And lots and lots of water. Plus on Wednesdays I only drink juices. Protein smoothies and shakes and lots of cold pressed juice which keeps the vitamins and antioxidants more abundant in the fruits and plants. 

So basically I eat a lot of greens and meat. And one key for not cheating is to carry snacks around with me so I'm not tempted. I always have almonds with stuffed in my purse, or I pick up juices when I'm out. I also put fruit in my water and it makes me drink a lot more! 

  I hope that helps! And if you have any further questions comment below and I'll get back at ya. It helps if you have some motivation. I put a photo on my lock screen of my goal fitness level. We also planned a dream trip so that is motivating me. I also rock out to contemporary Christian music and that always makes me run faster and farther. I still have a ways to go, but each week I get so much stronger and I have much more energy. I know I am getting healthier each day!   

If you wanna join me for all juice Wednesday's follow me on insta @madeoverbymandy and we can encourage each other!!  Xo