Pull through braid

Mandy Odle12688237_910653108503_1320369658040604255_n12669620_910653193333_8631477720512119825_n12654196_910653068583_1492220705629855002_n12647478_910653123473_4733321754703590934_n12654431_910653243233_8476823635744351587_n12644974_910653168383_4786936463283973063_n This has been my go to hair style as of late. There are so many different ways to dream up this braid. If you can even call it a braid ha! It's a faux braid. Anyways I braided a couple of my friend's hair the other night and each of them desired a different style. On one of my girlfriends I did a mohawk kind of look and that was really cute.  You just have to play with it a bit till you find what looks best on you. I made a video for you guys, but it's subpar at best. I have no idea while all of my stuff seems grainy lately (blurry pics above) but you will get the gist, and if not there are a ton of way better quality videos out there. Just search "pull through braid".


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDIPDFhwm68&w=560&h=315]