Spooky Makeover

12191657_893003353753_7689559088688243324_n The other day my husband called and asked if I wanted take the kids to a Halloween festival that night. Of course I do, but our costumes weren't ready yet. So I had to think up something quick. I realized all the kids had skeleton pjs and I could do my makeup. We'd be a family of bones!! I turned to one of my friends at work and said, "guess what?! I'm going to make myself into a skeleton here in a bout 10 minutes". Ok it took more like 20 min, but we didn't have much time. I grabbed the lightest shade of foundation and two different black eyeliners and Wah Lah! I transformed myself into a spooky skeleton with only three products. It wasn't until after I finished my makeup that I realized I still had to go pick up takeout. Oops!

Now you could get way more into this, and order some creepy contacts. Or actually use face paint that would allow you to be more detailed. But this post is to give you inspiration of some Halloween makeup you can easily whip up.

12108241_892508305833_5419347411404876592_n This woodland deer is what I did last year.


And this sugar skull the year before.

You really can't mess up a skeleton. You can always smudge out the black and line over it. It ends up just looking like shading, and once all of the makeup is on it just seems to look good. I'm a pretty impatient person so I tend to rush through my own makeup. I'm normally doing it during naptime and I know I need to rush. My point is, don't be intimidated, YOU CAN DO IT!! Here are some more ideas that could be pretty fun!

de1e09ed47c7470ea19c045c369fe7dc 4f611e72183cc91b9f22f98b75662f52 x1579b55e6111f36d6c4ffbe7eaa7b9b29561  Or you could always go right to the source. Mr. Kate rocks Halloween in general!!! She even has a step by step of skeleton makeup!!


Have fun with it!! A little bit of hair spray and face paint can go a long way.