Micro Fashion {Fall Favorites}

Fall is my favorite time of year for dressing my kids. It's the best time of year for mixing and matching, layering and combining seasons, and of course mashing up patterns. Sometimes the best outfit is totally unplanned, or unmatched. Let your creative side run wild here! 12141668_890310490273_2842530067119189035_n

Of course I am also a big believer in the simpler the better. But for the most part I let my boys help me pick their favorite pieces, then we style them together.


Here is a quick list of pieces I'm loving for the fall.

Faux leather leggings (For Aniston and Kemp)

Vests and here and here

Dusty blue

Mary Janes

Tall socks (Yes this is where all the shops are getting them from, don't overpay!!)


Ripped Denim (Thrift some skinny jeans or get on major sale and rip em up)

Everything Zara 

Chunky sweaters

Doc Martens

12105970_890310560133_5402725548789501917_n 12088070_890310590073_2533894621809457956_n


Everything EWMcCall

Fringe Moccs from Starry Knight Design

12106960_890310280693_8466129499899381497_n 12108212_890310305643_3127777360096907558_n 11218460_890310340573_3633465253596599553_n 11228127_890310380493_3364897076605391296_n 12141708_890310415423_4527292714667348488_n 12096537_890310440373_3867819544251773268_n 12107158_890310465323_6685197270538626192_n