Spring Beauty Trends

cb4df0f9c9a98937b71b00be5e13deef By now spring is well underway. Hopefully the warm weather has made it's way to you and you are fully indulging in the season. Along with warmer temps and floral patterns comes spring makeup! It can be overwhelming to walk into a beauty store ill prepared so I'm here to guide you a bit. Give you a quick list of the latest trends, plus share a few of my favs with you. Oh and for you make up novices out there, don't fret one of the trends is "minimalist".

According to Harpers Bazaar the cosmetic trends from the runway are fine lines, flaming lips, brown eyed girls, flash of color, bare minimum, purple haze, smoke show, and bronze age. So not just your typical glowy bronzed skin, soft lips, and wispy lashes. Some of these techniques are a little out there, but can be modified. Once you read up on them you will start to subtly see them everywhere!7502a53e52bf80e36f0cbcfad92fd698

Fine Lines- This is referencing eye liner techniques. While I love a striking thick line or a cat eye from time to time my new favorite way of lining is called tight lining. This is when you focus the color on the upper underneath root of your lashes (I definitely need to do a video on this in the near future). While most days I stick to black I've been playing around with deep purples, navy, and emerald for an added pop. Go to product for tight lining is Chanel's stylo yeux waterproof crayon. It comes is countless colors so think outside of the box, and it's waterproof so it will stay put all day! A comparable cost efficient product would be Revlon's color stay eyeliner3af23983e8c2c4ddef9df6aff21ad3ec

Flaming lips- Bring on the color baby! There is just something about the warm weather and the end of winter that makes me want to pull out my corals and bright pinks. However, I have to ask myself where am I going?! Oh yeah it's just me and the kids all day every day ha! So save the bold lips for date night (if your husband is into that kind of thing) and incorporate the trend by wearing springy sheers. Dior Addict lip glow is genius. It's a reviving lip balm that slowly turns your lips a very natural shade of pink or coral. Another option is Sephora's color reveal lip balm in pink, or e.l.f. lip stain.


Brown eyed girls- Neutral shadows. You may have seen some of the cosmetic spring launches and thought the models were hardly wearing any eye makeup. Thats because a lot of spring trends are all about the nudes. Nars spring line even muted out the lips for a completely washed out look that was still somehow stunning. My go to's in this category are nude pallets such as Urban Decay Naked or Maybeline The Nudes. When playing with the colors try a smokey brown look for a change. It might quickly become a favorite.


Flash of color- When I see this trend it tends to be played up by funky eyeshadows.  While this looks great on the runway, it's not realistic in mommy world. I like to pop my color on my cheeks. Have you ever really played with blush?! There are so many great colors out there that can change up your look in a snap. Nars just came out with a dual intensity blush that can be used wet or dry. They can easily be made sheer or bold with different applications. Honestly you just have to check out all of Nars blushes. Once you try one you are going to want to start a whole blush wardrobe, trust me! Dupe is e.l.f. cosmetics blushes9ef001a6c7e5a5e3764c8d260f348b20


Bare Minimum- Can I get an Amen?!? Finally the tired mom look is a trend ha! Okay okay what this really means is how can you apply your makeup in a way that makes you look like you aren't wearing makeup. Tricky eh?! To me the biggest key to this is eyebrows. If you groom and pencil in your brows you will instantly look more put together. So start there. I like Dior's universal brow styler, IT cosmetics universal brow, Chanel brow pencils, Laura Mercier's brow powder, Anastasia's brow pomade (for intense brows), and Sonia Kashuk brow kit.

The second part of this is foundation. Now again this is a subject that requires it's own blog post, but a product that I wear everyday (usually on top of another foundation, but can also be worn alone) is Chanel's hydrating Le Beige powder. I use this mostly as a bronzing powder, but thats only because I purchased mine two shades up from my natural color for that purpose. A hydrating powder is very unique, and this particular one has spf in it. Using this product is like wearing the best instagram filter around all day. Check out Maybeline's Fit me foundation for a similar look.


Purple Haze- Yes purple always seems to be popular in the spring. We find Lavender everywhere! But have you tried it on your eyes? Try smudging your favorite purple shade underneath the eye for a touch of daytime smokey. If purple just isn't your thing try tight lining with a plum pencil, or tipping the lashes with purple mascara.


Smoke Show- The blacker the better this season. Usually I'm teaching clients how to do a "natural smokey", but this season we go bold. The easiest way I have found to achieve this look is by taking a soft black pencil and smudging it all over the lid first. This creates a smokey base to start with. Next wet your brush and dip it into black shadow. Simply press the color onto the lid and let dry. Finish off by rimming the eyes with deep black liner and multiple coats of mascara. Pair up with a pale nude lip. Plus this355997bf77d01083379139129eeadf3anars-illuminator

Bronze Age- Illuminators and conturing. First drastically contour the skin then watch it blend in as you apply the rest of your makeup. i like Kat von D's contouring kit and Nars Ita brush. I promise to do a video on this soon too. I've also heard great review on the Anastasia Beverly Hills kit.  If you like sticks try Nars matte multiple or NYX wonder stick.  NYX also makes a great illuminator that compares to the Nars illuminators. Both great products to give your skin an added Island glow.


Who's excited to play in their makeup bag during nap time?! Hopefully this list gives you a starting point and helps you know which products you may need to purchase. I find that trying one new makeup trick each day excites me and actually makes me want to get ready. Taking a little extra time while getting ready will give you an added boost of confidence guaranteed!



*images via Pinterest and Harpers Bazaar