Postpartum Style



As important as it is to find the right pieces to dress your bump, I feel it is even more crucial to find fitting pieces post baby. It is a time where most all of our focus goes to the baby and mom duties. If we do happen to get any "me time" we usually chose to sleep am I right?! So on the rare occasion that we do change out of our pajamas it would be nice to have a few go to pieces. To help you out I have compiled a list of items I've been loving/living in recently.



{shirt free people/ pants Lucy}


1. Lucy Perfect Core Leggings.

These yoga pants are just so great. They are flattering and super comfortable. They are called the perfect core because they are high waisted with a supportive panel that comes up to your belly button. Totally tucking everything in and smoothing out your belly. The top part sort of feels like spanx, but looks so stylish. Thank you Lucy!! I practically live in mine. I have found that I can wear them not only to the gym, but also with tall boots and a slouchy sweater. They are a bit of an investment (around $100 for yoga pants), but they are such a staple piece for me, and absolutely worth the money. 112022_fall14lcyLUCYBLACKLIGHTKEYNEONSPACEDYESTRIPE


{shirt free people/ pants Forever 21}

2. Free People Tent tops.

This one is a no brainer. Flowy tops totally disguise the oddly shaped middle we are left with once baby is evicted. The reason I specifically love free people tops is because the middle is loose, but the arms are still made small and tight. That way it looks like you are purposely wearing an oversized top, not drowning in your husbands shirt. There are just so many ways to wear them. Down and flowy, tucked in, or knotted up. Also breastfeeding? Hello! No need for a breastfeeding smock. Your baby fits great right under your shirt. These tops range from $48-$98.



{hat free people/ button up American eagle/ tank Blanqi/ pants Nordstrom}

3. Button ups with snaps.

Not much explaining needed here. Snaps > Buttons when breast feeding. I try and find dark colors or patterned tops for a slimming illusion.


{hat free people/ shirt Blanqi/ pants Nordstrom}


4. Blanqi support tank

This tank was a life savor during the last few months of my pregnancy. The material is breathable, yet supportive. Best of all I felt so confident when wearing it. It was one of my go to pieces near the end and continues to be a staple now. I just can't say enough about the material. It is such quality. I've been wearing it as a layering piece to provide extra slimming.



{shirt Urban Outfitters/ joggers Target}


5. Jogger Pants I have three kids. I'm always on the move. I need my wardrobe to be as comfortable as possible. Jogger pants are so great because they feel like pajamas, but look like you put an outfit together. Lately I've really been digging these ones from the Gap.






6. Floppy Hats

Accessorize! I can't tell you how many times I've gotten all the kids dressed and ready only to realize I have no time left for myself. It's jeans and a t-shirt and I'm out the door. No time for makeup or outfit planning? Just throw on a big floppy hat and a chunky ring and you'll look all put together. A cute hat covers crazy unbrushed hair and bags under the eyes. Two things us moms know all too well.