Freshly Picked


Have you ever found a brand that you just love for so many reasons?! Well Freshly Picked is one of those for me. I am all about buying cute and trendy clothing for my kids, but when great quality and customer service is included it's just the icing on the cake. Susan Peterson, the CEO and founder of Freshly Picked is just a joy to work with and I was blessed to get to hold a give a way for a pair of her moccasins on my instagram page last week.  It's clear that her stand out product is gaining popularity and so I am writing a review in case you were thinking about taking the plunge!



There is no doubt that these moccs are the cutest thing on the planet, but the $$ could be what is holding you back. Or the fact that living in the midwest you can't have your baby in moccasins all year round like those cute California folks. I hear ya! These were a couple of my concerns before I splurged, and this is the conclusion I came to. If that many people are paying top dollar for baby shoes I must be missing out. So I waited till there was a sale (this happens at least a couple times a year) and bought a universal color that I knew I could pass down to my next child, or that I would have an easy time selling (yes resale on these babies is great!) and then I waited. When there is a sale it's like black friday online and the shipping time takes longer due to the amount of orders so waiting is the hardest part. When that perfectly minimalistic package finally made it's way to me I couldn't be more pleased. I am one of those nuts that pays attention to every detail, and every detail was beyond compare.



I quickly slipped them on Kempton's feet and headed outside for some photo opps. The whole time I was taking pictures I was extremely nervous about the precious bottoms of my new platinum moccasins, but every time I checked them the dirt wiped right off. Yes they do eventually get somewhat dirty on the bottoms, or get to the point where you can see their little toe marks, but this just shows the miles of love your child has put in them and is a great reminder of how tiny their toes used to be! What I've heard a lot of other mommy moccasin owners say is the more you wear them, the more you can start to see all of the memories you've made in them.  Susan calls it "investing in your memories".  I love that! So now I don't hesitate to wear them where ever we are going.


A little about the shoe. They really do stay on your child's feet. The soft leather is like a slipper on their foot. The elastic isn't too tight (as long as you get the right size) so it doesn't leave marks on your baby's chubby foot. The detail is impeccable. The colors are outstanding. And there is just something about the quality that beats all the rest.



Leather vs. Suede. Although I like the suede moccs, especially in the fall, the leather ones are by far my favorite. A couple small down falls about the suede are that the color transfers onto your baby's feet the first couple times you wear them, so could probably transfer onto lighter colored leggings or pants as well. Also I have found the suede to run a bit smaller than the leather, maybe because they aren't as stretchy. Because they don't have as much give as the soft leather they do tend to be harder to get on chubby little feet. Also they don't wipe up as well so some slight staining could occur. Luckily most of the colors come in the soft leather so if you are buying several maybe limit yourself to one suede pair. Cause if you're like me you gotta at least have one of each to complete the many wardrobe creations you've come up with in your head!


Resale. These things hold their value!! Even a very used pair sells for around $3o online. Think about it... buy a pair on sale for $50 shipped, wear them on two or three of your kids, and then by that time the color will no longer exist and will be "rare" or "hard to find" status and you can sell them for almost what you have in them! Genius!!

If you have never checked out their products, head over to the website now!! There are so many great colors it might just make your head spin. When it came time to pick a pair for our little miss I had the hardest time. I settled on these limited edition ones and couldn't be happier with my choice. I mean aren't these the cutest little things you ever did see?!?


Heirloom Moccasins shown above (previous pictures included platinum moccs and blue suede)

If you have any questions feel free to message me and I promise to answer with my honest opinion! Happy shopping. Even if it's just window shopping for now :)



*** I was given a pair of moccasins to use and review. All opinions are of course my own.