10001415_754839155913_886012173_n72577_754839205813_1183534881_n1477451_754839245733_60252144_n I am starting to get very sentimental. Even as the uncomfortable moments are rolling in I find myself wanting to make this pregnancy last. Most likely this will be the very last time I ever feel a baby kick inside of me, or take bump pics. I want to savor every moment, but is that even possible while taking care of two rambunctious boys?!? I have not documented this pregnancy (or any pregnancy for that matter) how I wished I would of, but it's not too late to start eh? Here is a little update or as I like to call it bumpdate of where I am currently.


22 Weeks

How far along: 22 weeks and 4 days

Baby is the size of a: spaghetti squash. 11 inches and almost 1 pound

Maternity clothes: nope still in all my regular stuff. I do find myself raiding my husband's soft tshirt drawer a lot though. And Kimono's are my best friend.

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 Sleep: I'm still sleeping great. This is about the time that I get nasty heartburn though.

Exercise: Still running around 6 miles a week, lifting weights, and doing yoga. Keeping up with my workouts have seemed to make this pregnancy so much easier. I feel stronger and more like myself.

Movement: She kicks delicately, nothing like Kempton did, and it is always on the left side. At our last ultra sound the doctor pointed out how she has really long legs.

Any cravings: Nutella. I went from craving carrots and apples to needing just that little bit of sweetness after almost every meal :/ I usually make a piece of whole grain toast with pb2 and nutella. No one else in my family really likes it so I get the whole jar to myself!!

Best moment of the week: The baby kicked against daddy's arm. Although he couldn't feel anything it was a very sweet moment.


Miss anything: I miss wearing some of my yoga clothes that no longer zip and running long distances.

Anything make you queasy or sick: smells in general. Everything is just so strong right now.

Have you started to show yet: Yes, yes, yes!


Labor signs: none

Belly button in or out: my belly button pops out quickly.  It's been out for quite sometime now. The kids think it is hilarious, and Brooks says I'm lucky that I can get it really really clean.

Wedding rings on or off: on

Happy or moody: I'm usually happy. I have really felt great this time around.

Looking forward to: Spring break trip and working on the nursery.