Shoot for TWO {Kemp is two}


Our little Kempton turned two! It's hard to believe that two years ago around midnight mommy and daddy headed to the hospital only because of a really bad headache. After taking my blood pressure the nurse looked at us and said, "you'll be having a baby TONIGHT."  Three weeks early and you were healthy as can be. Tiny, but healthy. You haven't slowed down since.  You have been a burst of energy to the entire family. Your spunky, do-it-myself attitude keeps evolving and it has been so fun watching you grow into a little boy. You like watching "the Mouse" (Mickey Mouse clubhouse) and "Pirates" (Jake and the Neverland Pirates) on Disney channel, especially with your brother "Cohey".  You love eating "nunu's" (noodles), "afries" (fries), "berries" (strawberries), and corn. Oh and of course "icliche" (ice cream). You ask for milk about every 4 hours throughout the day. This means mommy has to find the perfect sippy cup (you are very picky), locate your two favorite blankies (grey and white) and sit down with you on the couch or mommy's bed. I know I will cherish these cuddly moments with you. You are starting to recognize colors like blue and red and are repeating almost everything we say. You can point out doggies, birdies, fishies, and a mole (all because of a book mommy reads to you). This makes daddy and Cohen laugh because you love pointing to the mole. You put an 'A' in front of a lot of words like, "Apapaw", or "Adaddy".  As far as the potty goes you talk about it, you sometimes go in the big potty and you love to flush it, but you are no where near potty trained. You are at such a fun age and are constantly making us laugh with all the cute little things you do. The thing you like more than anything though is basketball!! Really you like anything with a ball, but basketball is your favorite. You ask to bring small hoops in the car with us when we go bye bye. You drag around your little tikes goal all day long from room to room, even up the stairs. Anything that slightly resembles a ball and hoop you turn into a game and begin to "ashoot". Everything is "mommy a ball", "mommy ashoot", and daddy is so proud of your left handed skills. You are only two years old and you have perfect form. You like the hoop to be high up and you don't miss much. I think your record is 13 for 13 on your little tikes goal. Let's just say we are banking our retirement on your future NBA career ;).  When it came time to plan your party the decision was easy. Mommy and daddy knew there was nothing you would like more than a basketball themed party (oh and a bike! which you got as a gift.). We had such a great party with family and a few of your little friends. Your biggest surprise is that we are taking all your birthday money from grandparents, plus some from mommy and daddy and buying the family a basketball hoop for the driveway this spring! I don't know who is more excited you or daddy! 00010002IMG_87921013217_747921933083_2089984676_n0006 00050003IMG_8785IMG_3044IMG_3040 00073065_747923983973_237439658_n1800472_747923919103_1877765890_nIMG_30491513701_747907307393_264593072_n 11552_747924063813_1965582974_nIMG_8782IMG_8807

Thank you everyone for helping to make Kempton's day so special. A special thanks to Grandpa Wayne for letting us use all of his concession stand machines, Morgan VanGelder for helping me make Kemp's adorable Harem pants, and Daddy for putting up with all my crafting and moving the heavy lockers all over until they were in just the right spot!

Everything you see was either a DIY project, or bought at Party City.