Bronze Goddess


Why is it that I think I want snow so badly until it actually falls. And by falls I mean takes a huge dump on the Midwest.  <Holla if ya hear me.> By this point of the looong winter break you might be in a total slump or you continually catch yourself dreaming of palm trees and warm places. I know I'm there!! One thing I have found that is sure to give my day a little pick me up is a summer inspired makeup look! Today it was all about the bronzes and the pinks. I thought I'd share my super easy "Bronze Goddess" look with you. And maybe just maybe you'll have a chance to break free this weekend and try it out!! Image


First I start with my Dior crayon liner in black and smudge it all over my eyelid. Yes smudge it all over my eyelid!! It creates a smokey eye shadow base that will not only make the next steps that much easier, but also hold the shadow on longer.


Next I  press a bronzey color (bottom right) all over the lid and then slightly contour with a darker bronze color (top left).  Lastly hightlight with a light neutral (middle color).


I then smudged some of this reddish bronze (far left)  underneath my eyes to give them depth. This is totally optional but I really think it adds something to the look. Especially this time of year when skin is paler.


Then rim the inner parts of the eye with this Nars shaddow crayon. I love this product because it is so creamy and easy to smudge!


Then tap some liquid liner into the lash line (tight line) for a very fine almost unnoticeable line. Tight lining makes your eyelashes look thicker hint hint.


Then lastly I dusted on some pink blush, threw on some mascara, and grabbed my baby lips in Pink Punch for the perfect sunkissed look.


Then if you're up for it, one last item that completes the look is the Chanel sheer brilliance face illuminizer. I like to put this product above my cheek bones, down my nose, and on my collar bones.

IMG_2149 IMG_2160 IMG_2162IMG_2159

And there you have it! Simple, quick, and no way you can mess it up!! I hope you try my mind tricking method this weekend and that this summer look puts a little bounce in your step.