It's been two months since I've written a post! I honestly can't believe how the end of summer just flew by. My long hiatus  was partly due to a crazy internet debacle and mostly due to this.....


Brooks and I have put our blood (yes blood), sweat, and tears (many many tears) into this house reno and are thrilled to share some of the fruits of our labor with you!

Entryway Before

IMG_3863 IMG_3861 IMG_3864

Entryway After

553758_718103724013_1660047431_n 1239942_718103733993_949547779_n

Family room before

IMG_3866 IMG_3867 IMG_3868

Family room after

IMG_6600   IMG_6592 IMG_6571 IMG_6445

Dining room Before


Dining Room After


Half Bath Before

IMG_3849 IMG_3848

Half Bath After

1383625_718119217963_1081712174_n 1238334_718119307783_484154989_n

Kitchen Before

IMG_3890   IMG_3886

Kitchen After

1380296_718103729003_253192379_n IMG_6604  1236956_718104377703_1228617606_n1231074_718119202993_99546614_n 545963_718119212973_1793459035_n1381500_718124567243_1980187166_n1380143_718123708963_741091906_n




Layers and layers of floors...

IMG_3914 IMG_3912

IMG_3931IMG_3927IMG_4905IMG_6617 IMG_6380 IMG_5501 IMG_5447 IMG_5108 IMG_5098

Everyone is adjusting well and loving their new rooms! Cohen gets on the bus every morning right outside our house and is really doing great in school. We are slowly giving him a little more independence by allowing him to walk by himself down to his friends' houses to play.  I always knew I wanted to buy and older home that I could make my own. We fell in love with our neighborhood and a few key aspects of the house and decided to take the plunge. Once we dove in head first there was no turning back (ie: ripped up floors, demolished counter tops, you get the picture). Some projects were surprisingly easy, most projects were harder than expected. We are no way near done, but we are at a great resting point.   So for a little while now we are just going to relax and enjoy our new diy home.


How #odlehouselove has effected us...

Brooks now answers to "handy man"

We are helplessly addicted to HGTV and DIY network

Cohen knows the difference between marble, granite, or quartz countertops

We are all way too familiar with the shade spectrum of the color grey (pretty much have all the names memorized)

Even the mention of the word paint makes me sick to my stomach

I find myself looking at strange things in other people's houses like quarter round, door hinges, and ceilings.

*more pics to come when I actually get some decorations up in the house. I've gotten through the hard part, now I'm too exhausted to do the fun part... wah wah.