Miniture Style

IMG_7667IMG_6965 For every comment or email I get regarding my style I get 2 asking what my kids are wearing, or where I shop for them.  This makes me smile since they truly are the best "accessory" I could ever have. So here is the run down of stores I hit up, online shops to add to your favorites, and brands to keep an eye out for.

Jcrew "Crewcuts"


American Apparel


Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack

Saks Outlet


Marshalls & Tj Maxx

Gap Kids

I have recently begun making an effort to support independent small businesses as much as possible and have quickly formed a list of shops I love including...

Freshly Picked

Little Hip Squeaks

Hello Apparel

Child Hoods

Little Boogaweezin

Sugarlime Lane

Mini and Maximus



Mason and the Tambourine 

And then there is a list of brands that I love.  I pick these up wherever I find the best deals on them.

Gold Rush Outfitters



Junk Food

Ralph Lauren

The Northface

James Perse

Styling little mini's is so much fun! What I have found having two boys is that you don't have to spend a fortune to make their wardrobe hip and current.  In my opinion a lot of times less is more! One of my favorite looks for Kemp is just denim, a ribbed tank,  a slouchy beanie, and chucks.   I love ordering my staple pieces from AA and then mixing them in with the goods I find along the way.  Our style is constantly changing as my kids are growing and getting their own "fashion opinions".  One thing that will never change is my hunt for affordable quality.  If you have a brand you love I'm always looking to add more to my list!


ps. Right now American Apparel is offering 30% off for their friends and family sale when you sign up for emails. Jcrew is offering 25% off and kids clothes are mostly all free shipping!


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