Lacabane Bali

I decided this hotel deserves a post all of it’s own!! Why? Because choosing a place to stay half way around the world is hard, and we struck gold with this one. There are so many adorable places to stay in Bali, and also very ritzy places that you can stay for a bargain. There are bamboo huts, and tree houses, just so many choices! I knew for at least one of our. stays I would want something that felt like true Bali, with the amenities of being at a resort. Lacabane is just that, and more!!!

As i’ve already said, pulling up to the property leaves something to be desired, but have no fear, its complete zen once you get that magical room key. The pool, the view, the rooms!!! Everything is spectacular. PLUS, probably my favorite part was the secret beach!!!!! A little private beach shared with one other hotel for guests only. Brooks and I watched the sunset here every night, and it was so romantic. Like a story book. I mean the mood was set for you, there is no way not to feel sparks.

Also this resort offers all of the Bali traditions you might be looking for. Like the floating breakfast, and flower bath. Let’s talk about the floating breakfast for a sec. I feel like it’s something you should try, because you are on vacation, and in Bali, but trust me you don’t want to be eating and snapping pictures in front of a huge crowd. You want a low key spot where it’s mostly private to actually enjoy breakfast. A private villa pool would be ideal, but Lacabane offers a great less crowded option. And such a cute set up!! Plus all of there food is made right there, so it’s super fresh and. yummy!

Flower baths. Yep they have those too, and they have some amazing bath room to chose from. They need 24 hour notice, and there are certain days they can’t get to the flower market, so it’s best to let them know asap. But guys, its only like $26 USD!!!! Like I couldn’t even buy flowers that cheap in the US. This was one of my favorite things ( I actually ended up doing it in Ubud ) and I would of done it several times if we could of!

The staff at Lacabane was so friendly and helpful. They had drivers on site to take you where ever you needed to go, and were also able to rent you a scooter. I can’t say enough great things about this place. It checked off all of my Bali dreams, and the week was just getting started!!!

There are 4 different bungalows to chose from, and then also a couple of larger villas. I got to peak at one of the 3 bedroom villas and wow!!! I’d love to bring my family there for the summer. Lacabane has a scratch kitchen with a full drink and food menu. Everything was so fresh and tasty. I mean, those strawberry mojitos though!!!! Also another thing I loved was the private beach. It was a little hike down to the beach, but that was my favorite part. It was almost like hidden in a way. The private beach is shared with the neighboring hotel, so you first get to walk through their property which is beautiful too. Then you carve down the side of a cliff to the most beautiful view!!! Brooks and I got to watch the sunset all alone and I remember looking over at him thinking wow, this is the time of our lives. As you can see, I am completely over the moon about this resort.

Mandy Odle