Nusa Dua


When planning our 9 days in Bali I was initially overwhelmed with the amount of places and things I wanted to see. So like I said in the previous post (here) I created a google map and esentially broke the Island up into 5 segments. Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Canggu, Nusa Penida, and Ubud. There is also a whole eastern and northern part that we did not make it to, but I feel very comfortable recommending things in the areas we did visit. Starting with Nusa Dua.

The bottom little section of Bali I would describe as the relaxing beachy area. The east side is called Nusa Dua, and this is where most of the more common hotel chains are. As tired, jet lagged, already culture shocked Americans, this was the perfect place to start. We had just navigated a few days through China, and the Hilton was a good landing spot. We figured two days by the pool with buffet breakfasts and room service would be just what our bodies would need, and we were right. The Hilton Bali was a dream. Breathtaking views as far as your eyes could see. The service, the amenities, the food, it was all top notch. Brooks was sad we weren’t spending all week here, but I promised him there was much more to see and do elsewhere. And this is 100% true. There is not much happening in this area, so if this ends up being your landing spot, just be prepared to hire a driver, or rent a scooter. You will WANT to get out and explore.

There are gorgeous beaches in this area, and it’s so peaceful it almost feels private. But most of the good restaurants are not in this area, they are either more to the west side, or up north a little ways. Also you must know that even if something looks relatively close on the map it will still usually be about a 45 min drive. Nothing happens quick in Bali, and that’s ok. Just be mindful. While we stayed in this area, we truly just relaxed. We knew we had some big days of exploring coming up, and so we slept as much as possible to get over the jet lag.

Things to do in Nusa Dua-

Waterfall tour

Hire a drive to take you to Sanur and catch a ferry to Nusa Penida

Take a taxi a little south and check out Edge Bali

Mandy Odle