Fall Transition/ Shop your closet

This whole shop your closet is new to me. You think I’m kidding. Nope, I’m the type of girl who thinks its easier to go buy a new outfit, then to dig for one in my clean laundry baskets. Sickening I know!! But recently I’ve been trying harder. Because I know how ridiculous it sounds. I have so many cute things, and it’s a shame to only wear them once.

So I started a hashtag, #spendlessseptember. I mean I couldn’t do '“no shop September” because, well that was just setting me up for failure. So I vowed to watch what I spent, and only buy things super on sale, and I gave myself a cash budget of $300. Guys it’s going really well!! The only clothes I’ve bought all month were with Nordstrom notes and a Target giftcard!!! So when my friend Kelli asked me to shoot I had to dig through my closet, and this is one of the looks I came up with….. I love it because it is a great way to transition some of your summer pieces into fall!


Pull out any fallish tanks and sleeveless dresses you have and pair them with a lacey top and there ya go!! Easy breezy, and so on trend. Can you guys believe this dress is from new years 2009?! It still has the champagne stains to prove it. oops! ha!


All of these pieces were things I already owned, and you can do this too. If you do not own a top similar to my white lacy one, it is a piece I suggest investing in. And by investing I mean forever 21 or ASOS. I will tag as many thing as possible below. Thanks for taking my pics Kelli!!

Mandy Odle